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Thursday 20th February 2020

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Thursday 20th February 2020


Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  From Grade 7 camp, learning centres to classrooms at the Kingston Campus, our College will celebrate in prayer this important event in the church that marks the start of Lent.  Why is Ash Wednesday important?

When an Australian sporting team wins a big tournament, like the World Cup or Gold medals at the Olympic Games, it’s quite usual for a capital city to host a ticker tape parade for them. On such an occasion, the sportsmen and women ride through the streets in a motorcade whilst onlookers throw colourful streamers (or ticker tape) at them.  The story behind Ash Wednesday is not too dissimilar to this. Ash Wednesday begins on Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph. People came out and threw palms (their version of ticker tape) as he rode along the streets of Jerusalem on a donkey (the ancient version of a classy car!)
Ash Wednesday signals the start of Lent. Lent lasts for 40 days, and is preparation for Holy Week. During Holy Week Jesus is betrayed, tried, crucified and rises from the dead. We burn the ashes to symbolise the fact that the triumphant Jesus is now to be crucified.

The Catholic Church has traditionally highlighted three main ways we can prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, that is, fasting, almsgiving and service. Fasting involved going without red meat, but can be extended to any item of food - chocolate is something some go without! Almsgiving traditionally involved setting aside some extra money to give to the poor. Now we have Project Compassion that asks us to give as much money as we can. The Caritas organisation, that organises Project Compassion, distributes the money collected to certain groups. Service traditionally meant thinking and doing acts of good for others around you.

You may like to ask yourself these questions... 

Fasting…  What food items will I give up on the Fridays of lent? (eg. Coke, Mars bars, lollies, chocolate, meat, flavoured milk…)
Almsgiving… What money will I commit each week to Project Compassion? What money can I set aside? What items will I not buy in order to give the money to those in need?
Service…  What action of service will I make each week? Who will I help? Who will I visit? What service will I do?


Welcome back to all, especially to our new families. I hope that your children have settled well into the school year.
We particularly welcome the following staff to the college:

  • Amy Nelson - Teacher Assistant
  • Harrison Loveless - Teacher Assistant
  • Joshua Leach - Teacher
  • Joshua Clark - Teacher
  • Kate Travers - Teacher
  • Kathryn Ferguson - Teacher Assistant
  • Olivia Marulli - Teacher Assistant
  • Louise Zegveld - Teacher
  • Cassandra Gordon-Smith - Teacher Assistant
  • Meghan Aldergham - Teacher Assistant
  • Nikita Williams - Teacher
  • Philip Weston - Teacher
  • Phillippa Lidster - Teacher Assistant
  • Tammy Lovell - Teacher Assistant
  • Tom Clark - Teacher Assistant
  • Allison Twining - Teacher
  • Ashton Oates - AFL SportsReady Trainee
  • Jane Powell - Business Services
  • Emily Thorp - Teacher
  • Hannah Donovan - Parish Associate
  • Robert Elkington - Parish Associate

For new families, starting at a new school community can have its stresses. At the orientation day I suggested seven things that help relieve these stresses:

  • Fides at the Huntingfield Campus and SeeSaw at the Kingston campus – where you can access what your child is learning.
  • The College Website where you can find easy access to all these things and more!
  • The College Newsletter that gives you a dynamic idea of all the wonderful things happening in our community.
  • The Facebook page that does the same.
  • The College Handbook that has everything a family member would what to know about the workings of the college, from who do I get in contact with about bus issues to how to order things on the café menu and everything in-between.
  • The SchoolStream app with all communication about events.
  • SchoolTV with great information to families about issues affecting children.


The first day of 2020 saw the College commence with 1062 students and 132 staff members, hence all the traffic at both campuses!

This year marks our 11th year as a College and 60th year as a School. You will receive more information later this term about the events we will have to celebrate our birthday and the legacy of the Sisters of Charity that we are custodians of.
Our focus for this year is to reflect on our contribution to being authentic to two moments in time:

  • 60 years ago, when the Sisters of Charity had the first students enter
    the convent to be taught.
  • 11 years ago, when the Huntingfield Campus began with Archbishop Doyle’s Charter underpinning its establishment.

Of course these two moments in our history are about providing for a Catholic Education in the Kingston region. To this end we have been “Impelled by faith for 60 years”.

As we continue to build this community we need to reflect that we are true to why we are doing this. Our Strategic Plan for 2020, shown below, directs us in this way.

Click here to view the Strategic Plan


Over the break we have had works in the following areas:

  • Convent, Grounds and a Shared Facility.
  • Kingston Campus car park.
  • Solar panels on the Huntingfield Gym roof.
  • New Grade 9 classroom in our old Staff room at the Huntingfield Campus.
  • Architect engaged for refurbishing the old Vodafone building in preparation for our final acquisition of the site.
  • New cleaners at each campus and new staff for the canteens at each campus.


Listed below are members of our community who have been announced by the Hon. Michael Polley AM, Chair of the Catholic Education Commission Tasmania (CECT), of receiving either the 2020 CECT Recognition Awards or the 25 Years of Service Awards.
The following people will be recognised for their contribution to Catholic
Education in Tasmania.

  • Fr Christopher Hope – Outstanding Contribution as a Friend in Catholic Schools, Kingston-Channel Parish
  • Donna Duggan - Outstanding Service as an Employee within Catholic Education, St Aloysius Catholic College

CECT 25 Years of Service Awards:

  • Samantha Wilton – St Aloysius Catholic College
  • Carmel Sills – St Aloysius Catholic College

The awards ceremony is on Thursday, 26 March 2020 at the Don Bosco Creative Arts Centre, Guilford Young College, 76 Bowden Street, Glenorchy, commencing at 4:00pm.
Family, friends and colleagues of the recipients are warmly invited to attend the presentation functions to mark and celebrate their contributions to Catholic education. For catering purposes your attendance can be advised directly to by the close of business on Friday 6 March 2019: Miss Mary Preston Phone: (03) 6210 8848 Email: 

I know that Catholic education and the Catholic community at large join me in congratulating all the recipients for their outstanding contribution to Catholic education in Tasmania.


The Commissioner of Children and Young People is currently seeking nominations from children and young people aged 9 – 17 years from around Tasmania to be a part of the CCYP Ambassador Program in 2020. CCYP Ambassadors help the commissioner to understand what is important to children and young people in Tasmania and have opportunities to come together to discuss key issues and to influence key decision-makers.

if you are interested in applying please contact Ms Bond -


The College participated in the Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion in 2019.  Thank you to all the families who collected the stickers for the College.  We were able to get a great selection of educational equipment and resources.



The College is an allergy aware school and as such have a ‘No Nut’ policy for both campuses. We always aim to work with families and welcome open discussion on how we can best ensure the student stays safe at school. If a student has allergies an up to date action plan is required to be provided to the College, along with any relevant medication. The decision about where to keep medication is made in consultation between the parent and College. A copy of the action plan is then located in the College staff room and provided to the class / homeroom teacher.

Click on the link to view the College Allergy Aware Policy

Allergy Aware Policy

The Qkr (pronounced 'quicker') app is used for online payments of various College avtivities and events including canteen and cafe, without the need to send money through to the College offices. The app is available via the App store or Google Play.

Click on the link below for the guide to using the app 


It is an exciting time when students head back to school but even more exciting for our youngest and newest kinders who have started their education with us.  They have been having a wonderful time meeting new friends and exploring their classrooms and playgrounds.


In response to student and parent feedback we are changing our expectations in relation to the wearing of PE uniform at Huntingfield. This will be initially for a trial period in Term 1. Students will be permitted to wear their PE uniform to school on days when they have a double period only of either PE, Outdoor Ed, High Intensity Training, Fitness for Girls, Duke of Ed or one of the more physically strenuous grade 5/6 electives.

This procedure will not apply for either after school sports or where students have a single lesson with a special physical activity. On these occasions, they will be required to change into their PE uniform at school if required.

We will also be tightening up on the wearing of the uniform according to our Policy which is available on the College website. In particular, please ensure your son/daughter has the correct shoes, socks (no logos) and blazer and is aware of the restrictions on the wearing of jewellery and makeup.

Homeroom teachers will be checking the uniform each day and infringement notices will be sent home if necessary. A student who is out of correct uniform on more than three occasions, without an explanatory note from his/her parent or guardian, will either be sent home to change, or if this is not possible, will be held at recess and lunch until the issue is rectified. We appreciate your support in ensuring your children comply with our College Uniform Policy.

Please click on the attached link to view the College Uniform Policy


On 18th February Grade 6 through to Grade 10 Drama students were treated to a visiting performer from Queensland.  Clint Bolster is the Artistic Director of the Theatre Company Homunculus who has been travelling Australia and New Zealand for the last 15 years spreading the word about just how important the Arts; especially Drama is to young people today. 

Clint states, ."..that the Arts should be central to a child's education.  Drama particularly, has a vital place in the lives of young people in the 21st Century. In an age when people are increasingly interacting and indeed living via technology, it is the subject and practice of comedy that offers what otherwise can so easily be lost from our lives."  Homunculus uses masks as a theatrical form that really allows students to let go of their egos and become someone other than themselves.  The attached photos are a testament to the wonderful work that Clint did with the students here at St Aloysius.

We have a thriving Drama community at the College where students learn how to engage with each other on a number of different levels. Students explore the power of Drama with opportunities to perform both individually and in group devised improvisation.  Through the encouragement of creative expression students develop self-confidence, self-discipline, co-operation, listening, communication skills and most importantly the ability to commit.   Drama and Creative Arts are 21st Century subjects that empower creative energy and discipline on a level like no other. 

I'd like to thank all of the wonderful students that participated with whole hearts and minds in the workshop.  We look forward to seeing Homunculus here again next year.


On Wednesday 12th of February, students from Grades 7-10 participated in the College swimming carnival at the Clarence Aquatic Centre.
The grade champions on the day were:
Grade 7 Boys Champion - Jonas Shelverton
Grade 7 Boys Runner-Up - Lucas Singleton
Grade 7 Girls Champion - Hannah Kull
Grade 7 Girls Runner-Up - Mia Atherton
Grade 8 Boys Champion - Ethan Jones
Grade 8 Boys Runner-Up - Hamish Watt
Grade 8 Girls Champion - Abigail Spilling
Grade 8 Girls Runner-Up - Acacia McLeod
Grade 9 Boys Champion - Harry Nelson
Grade 9 Boys Runner-Up - Riley Monaghan
Grade 9 Girls Champion - Makayla Atherton
Grade 9 Girls Runner-Up - Inara Osborne
Grade 10 Boys Champion - Kody Jankiewicz
Grade 10 Boys Runner-Up - Axl Dumagat
Grade 10 Girls Champion - Nicola Brcic
Grade 10 Girls Runner-Up - Ashlea Turner
Congratulations to Harrison Henry who broke the record for the Grade 10 Backstroke with a time of 34.37, Axl Dumagat who broke the Grade 10 Breaststroke record in a time of 40.47 and Ethan Jones who broke the records for Freestyle 31.24, Backstroke 32.78, Breaststroke 36.40 and Butterfly 30.18.
The overall winners on the day were Aloysius, the final score for house points were:
Aloysius- 775
Aikenhead- 735
Charity- 539
Fides- 522


On Friday, 14th February the Primary Schools Swimming Carnival was held at the Clarence Aquatic Centre.  There was great participation and house spirit shown by the students.  A big thank you to the Grade 10 House Captains, College Captains and Prefects. 

The overall winners on the day were Aikenhead, the final score for house points were:

Aikenhead- 734
Aloysius - 537
Fides - 474
Charity - 424


The St Aloysius Catholic College Community Group is a group of motivated parents, who in a coluntary capacity, raise funds for the College by holding events to build community and engagement between school and home.

The group run regular events such as the Easter raffle, Mother and Father day stall, special lunches, disco and sell the Entertainment Books.  This year the focus in on purchasing some additional playground equipment for the Kingston Campus.  In future year, they hope to be self-suffcient, holding fundraising events to then host free events such as the Grade 4 disco held in 2019.

The group meet once a term were everyone is welcome to attend with ideas big or small and to offer any amount of assistance you wish to support the College, the group and ultimately our students.  Please keep an eye out for the logo in the newsletter and on notices to keep up to date or you can contact them directly on 


The structure of the Faith and Mission team at St Aloysius Catholic College has changed this year and now consists of Joseph Sandric (Acting Principal), Pauline Marriott (Head of Mission), James Wright (Head of RE, HC) and Cristy Mahony (Head of RE, KC). 2 young people, Hannah Donovan and Robert Elkerton, have also been appointed as Parish Associates. They will work with Polly, Fr Chris and the Parish Pastoral Team to develop youth ministry and activities.

From Hannah and Robert:

Hi my name is Hannah and I am one of the new Parish Associates at St Aloysius Catholic College for 2020. I attended St Aloysius from Kinder to Grade 10 and went to Guilford Young College in Grade 11 and 12. This year I am attending university at UTAS.  I am excited for the year ahead as well as meeting and working with new people in both the Parish and College Community.

Robert: I recently finished Grade 12 and am currently on a gap year, with plans to study Arts at The University of Melbourne next year. During school, my favourite subjects were English, Music, Ancient History and Modern History. I also enjoy running, playing music and reading. I'm looking forward to the year ahead as Parish Associate and all the projects related to it!



Families in Grade 4 who wish their children to be prepared for the Sacraments of Initiation (Penance/Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist) are invited to an Information and Enrolment Session on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.00pm in the Church of Christ the Priest (at the Kingston Campus).

Any students or family members from either Kingston or Huntingfield who are interested in making their Sacraments, either starting from the beginning with Baptism or continuing from wherever they are on their Sacramental Journey, please contact Mrs Polly Marriott at

Questions and queries welcome!



Next week sees the start of Lent, the preparation time before celebrating the mystery of Easter. First we have Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday traditionally held to rid the house of all the tempting yummy goodies and then Ash Wednesday, a day of repentance which marks the beginning of Lent. 

On Ash Wednesday liturgies will be held for students Grade 2 and up at both the Kingston and Huntingfield Campuses with ashes being distributed to the Kinder to Grade 1 students in their classrooms. Grade 7 will receive their ashes in a special service while at camp.

See the next newsletter for more information and photographs!


Huntingfield students had their first Vinnies/Mini-Vinnies meeting last week. These will continue on Wednesdays at lunchtime in the Chapel Office at Huntingfield with Mrs Marriott and the Parish Associates. All students from any year group are welcome to attend. Lots of ideas have been shared for raising money, awareness and support for those in need in our community and beyond starting with pancakes this Friday 21stFebruary in aid of the Vinnies Bushfire appeal. Thanks to Imogen Martini in Grade 6 for designing the flyer below. It's going to be a busy year ahead!



Grade 7 students were given a chapel induction on Thursday, 13th February before their first mass next week. Due to the large number of new students, many with no Catholic background, and the fact that Grade 7 are planning the first mass of the year, all Grade 7 students attended and were given a chance to look around the chapel and have the important elements explained. Fr Chris will also provide a breakdown of the mass at all Huntingfield inaugural year group masses this year.


On Sunday 1st March we are hosting our first College Parish mass for the year. At this mass staff will be officially welcomed by the parish and ‘commissioned’ for the year ahead. If any students or their families would like to be involved either in reading, offertory or music/singing please contact Mrs Marriott at

At the Kingston Campus, mass has been changed to a Tuesday to allow for changes in the school timetable. Due to other liturgies, celebrations and Church Inductions for new students, there will be one mass this term held on Tuesday 24th March at 9.00am. This will be hosted by Mrs Reynolds class, 3 Green. All parishioners, friends and families are welcome to attend.

At the Huntingfield Campus masses are held on Thursday mornings in the chapel at 9.45am and are run by a different year group each week. These masses are also open to parents, families and friends. 

The roster for Term 1 is:

Thursday 20th February – Grade 7

Thursday 27th February – Grade 9

Thursday 5th March – No mass due to assembly

Thursday 12th March – 9:30am College Commencement Mass attended by Grades 3-10

Thursday 19th March – Grade 10

Thursday 26th March – Grade 6

Thursday 2nd April – No mass due to assembly

Thursday 9th April – No mass due to Holy Thursday. Stations of the Cross will be held at both campuses.


If anyone from the Parish or College Community is interested in volunteering at the College please do get in touch. This commitment can be anything from hearing children read for an hour a week to sharing your particular skills (from sewing to woodwork to gardening) or even driving the College bus! Please contact if you think this might be for you. All volunteers must hold a valid Working with Vulnerable People card and assistance can be given with this application if you do not already have one.  


There are a number of new international families in the parish and to assist them in settling into life in Tasmania the ‘Parish Immigrant Program’ was set up last year. On Sunday a Colombian Extravaganza was held in the Sisters of Charity Centre to assist one family with fundraising for their visas for themselves and their 2 young boys, born in Tasmania. Some staff attended and others have shown an interest in assisting with English language assistance for other families.

The Parish are looking at potentially funding a Parish subscription for the channel ‘Formed’ (think Catholic Netflix). Some parishioners already pay for this service and a group licence would open it up to all including unlocking the accompanying guides that come with some of the learning programs and documentaries. Check out If this is something you may be interested In please contact for log-in information.


St Patrick’s Pilgrimage

The annual “St Patrick’s Pilgrimage” from Richmond to Colebrook is back and will be held on the weekend of 14-15 March 2020. The pilgrimage is open to all young people from 14-35yo and celebrates the feast of our Archdiocese’s patron saint (St Patrick). It is a great opportunity for personal growth where you will likely be challenged both physically and spiritually. Join Archbishop Julian and many other young people for two days of journeying through the natural beauty of Tassie with times of prayer, Mass, song, fellowship, reflection, camping and plenty more. For more information and to register, head to and search for “St Patrick’s Pilgrimage.” If you have any questions regarding the Pilgrimage, feel free to email

We are happy to share some relevant parenting topics in each newsletter or parents and families to watch or read and reflect.

Making new friends and staying in touch with old classmates

Supporting kids affected by the bushfires

Managing seperation anxiety at school drop-offs

School TV is a wonderful resource for students, families and staff on issues to do with children.  SchoolTV can be accessed via our College Website - Here

At the start of the year School TV have two special reports, one for new students and one aimed at our Grade 10 students as they enter their last year with us.
If these topics are not so relevant to you please have a look at the site and check out the other topics.  Also, stay tuned for new episodes. A new one comes out approximately every month.
Moving To A New School
Moving to a new school is a big deal! Your child is going to meet lots of new people and be thrown into new situations. That’s bound to make them feel lots of different emotions. They may feel worried and anxious, but also excited and happy – all at the same time!  It is considered to be one of the most important transition periods of a student’s lift and can present some significant psychological challenges for both students and parents.

Making new friends, learning new routines, discovering new environments, accepting new cultures and adjusting to new learning practices is all part of the process. Some children will sail through this period of change, whilst others may need a bit more guidance. It is important to give your child the chance to feel comfortable in their new space. This may take a few months, but ensure you keep the lines of communication open and check in regularly with your child to see how they are settling in.

In this Special Report, parents and caregivers will be presented with a number of strategies that can be deployed to help ensure a smooth transition. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.
The link to the special report can be found Here

Surviving the Final Year
It’s no secret that the end of school can be a huge source of anxiety for both students and parents alike. Studies have shown that over 40% of final year students suffer from high-level anxiety or stress, with some even suffering from depression. It is important to prepare a student’s brain for success. Studies show there is a clear link between students taking care of their health, and their overall productivity during the final year of school. Understanding how best to support your child’s health and wellbeing during this time will help them perform at their best. The student brain has a lot going on, so understanding how it works will help them get the most out their brain power. Acknowledge that not all stress is bad. The art is in finding the right balance. Having the right amount of stress can encourage students to be at their optimal level of alertness, and improve behavioural and cognitive performance. It helps tune their brain and focus.

In this Special Report, parents and care givers will be presented with a number of strategies on how best to support their child during the final year at school. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.
The link to the special report can be found Here

What's on @ Kingston Library

Taroona Football Club

Raising Boys Raising Girls

Love Living Locally

Kingborough Ladies Daytime Netball Association

Helen O'Grady Drama 

The Resilience Co. Parent Seminars

Yspace - Youth Activity Program

Intro to Robotics at West Winds

FREE Youth Activities Program

Kingston Sea Scout Group

Kids Ride for Life Day

For All College events you can access the College Calendar via this newsletter, or by this link:  College Calendar

24th -26th February Grade 7 Camp
24th February Grade 10 Retreat Day
1st March Staff Commissioning Mass
2nd March - 4th March Grade 8 Gold & Green Camp
4th - 6th March Grade 8 Blue & White Camp
3rd March Grade 7 Immunisations
4th March Grade 4 Leadership Day